1 – A – Z

A comprehensive and personalized design, which includes a detailed technical documentation, 3d visualization, execution and supervision of investment.
Dedicated to people who want to save your time and pick up the finished implementation of “turn-key”.


2 – Basic

Personalized service which contains the detailed technical documentation, the realization and the supervision of investment.
Dedicated for persons, wanting closely to cooperate with the designer at individual stages to investment.


3 – Online

Project via email, phone or skype.
on the basis of the information provided by the investor. includes a detailed technical documentation and specification of the equipment. project ready for implementation.
Dedicated to individuals who cannot meet us personally.


4 – Kitchen Bathroom

The project selected the room that contains the detailed technical documentation. To choose the option with the visuals and/or implementation of.
Dedicated to people who want to modernise and refresh your interior.


5 – For businesses

Comprehensive service for entrepreneurs.
Commercial, offices, shops, restaurants, offices and other commercial premises and wystawienniczne boxes.
Well designed interior is essential in building a favorable image of the company.


6 – Furniture

We design furniture tailored to the needs and tastes of the client.
We cooperate with reliable craftsmen thanks to guarantee quality and uniqueness.


7 – Advice

Help in solving problems on every stage of investment.
We suggest how to arrange an apartment. We help improve our value property for sale or rent.


8 – 3D

3d visualization is an excellent way to introduce the ideas used in the interior.
The ability to visualize the order as an additional service.


9 – Art

Original graphic design made in any technique.
On the wall or glass, provides a unique dominant in the interior.
Addressed to the individuals and the brave.